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Welcome to the homepage of Fen2eps!

Fen2eps is a small console-based program. It was written in order to convert FEN (Forsyth Edwards Notation) strings to EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files directly. You can import the created board diagrams into most of the commonly used DTP programs, without having to install any fonts! They can be scaled freely and still provide the highest quality, limited only by your output device.

In general, Fen2eps aims at the editing of documents/texts with only a few diagrams, e.g. posters. If you need to display a lot of chess positions the LaTeX package ``skak'' by Torben Hoffmann might be a better solution. It is available at the CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network).

Fen2eps reads from `stdin' and writes to `stdout'. The user can select from 19 different chess fonts for creating the diagrams... check out the list of fonts (PDF, 500KB).

These fonts were converted from the freeware TrueType fonts that can be found at www.enpassant.dk. So the credits for all the beautiful chess pieces go to their creators Armando Hernandez Marroquin, Eric Bentzen and Egon Madsen. Thank you!

For more information about the various options, take a look at the manual that is contained in the download archive, together with the source file and a small `Makefile'. Compiling Fen2eps should be straightforward, using a decent C++ compiler...

There is also an archive providing a readily compiled DOS version of Fen2eps which should run on most DOS/Windows platforms. If you try to start it under plain DOS read the instructions in the `README' file and the manual first.

Please also regard the file `COPYING' for the terms of the GNU GPL (General Public License).

Using Doxygen you can easily generate a documentation for the source file if you want to.


Heinz van Saanen, patch for the support of modern C++ compilers and improved Makefile.